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Help To Buy Equity Loan Scheme

As a registered contractor with the Government’s Homes & Communities Agency, we are able to offer new properties to purchase as part of the Government Equity Loan ‘Help to Buy’ scheme which means you only need to find a deposit of 5% of the purchase price.

The time might be right for you to get on the property ladder or to move to a property that better suits your needs. The scheme offers you an affordable solution to assist you in purchasing your new home up to a value of £600,000.
‘Help to Buy’ makes new build homes available to all home buyers (not just first time buyers) who wish to buy a new home, but who may be unable to move forward due to financial constraints. It may be that finding the necessary deposit is an issue although the mortgage repayments may well be achievable.
There are several conditions that sit within the scheme such as you would not be permitted to sublet your home (use it as a rental property), enter any part exchange deal on your existing house and you cannot own any other property at the time of purchase.

How does the scheme work?

  1. The Government lend you 20% of the cost of your new build home, which means you then would only need to raise a 5% cash deposit with a 75% mortgage to make up the total purchase price.
  2. For the first 5 years there will be no ‘loan fee’ charged on the 20% you have borrowed.
  3. The total amount repayable by you will be the proportion of the market value of your home that was funded under the scheme plus any interest and charges. The amount you will have to repay under the loan agreement will depend on the market value of your home at the time you repay the equity loan and the rate of inflation in the meantime.
  4. The equity loan must be repaid after 25 years or earlier if you sell your home. You must repay the same percentage of the proceeds of the sale to the Agency as the initial equity loan.

More information is available to view on the HM Government website:

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If you are interested in considering purchasing a new build property from us under the scheme, please register your interest by email to and we will be in touch with you shortly.