Park Homes

Guide to Residential Park Homes

Living in a residential park home offers a cost-effective alternative to living in traditionally built houses, flats, bungalows or apartments.

Our Park Home estates at Swanage and New Milton are located in areas of outstanding natural beauty, surrounded by both the sea and acres of countryside but still close to towns and all local amenities and services.

The estates attract people who want to live with like-minded neighbours and provide a quiet, friendly and relaxed lifestyle, so whether you are downsizing, moving closer to family or friends, or making a lifestyle change, Park Home living could be worth exploring with us.

New homes are generally two bedroomed with en-suites, bathrooms, lounge / lounge dining rooms, fully fitted kitchens and decorated and furnished to your personal taste.

The price of the homes includes your own private parking space (generally adjacent to the home), the bottom of the home fully skirted with brick or local stone, steps and handrails to the exterior doors, footpaths as necessary and the garden fully laid to turf. We even include your own metal garden shed for storing those essential garden tools!

Park Homes

Funding the purchase of a Residential Park Home

Many people find themselves in the position of wanting to downsize therefore being able to sell their existing property to fund the purchase of their new home and potentially releasing equity for their future enjoyment. However, if you do require finance to purchase your new home, it is important to understand that a conventional mortgage is not available for residential park homes.

In the case of a park home, a loan is secured on the land registry listing not on the usual bricks and mortar of traditional properties. When you buy a park home, you own the home outright but you are afforded the use of the land on which it sits, in perpetuity, under a licence agreement with us as the park owners.

There are fewer lenders operating in the park home sector than those in the traditional housing market and finance is therefore available only through a number of specialist lenders. If you do want to consider finance as an option to purchase, you may find that typically a deposit of anything in excess of 15% may be required. You would be advised to check what length of lending funders are offering, as again, these may be shorter terms than those in the traditional housing market.

Things we think you should know

We have listed below a number of questions that we frequently get asked which may help you to further understand more about park home living

01: Do I get to choose my new home?
If we have a plot available then yes we can work with you and the manufacturers to design your new home including the layout and the choices of kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, carpets, curtains etc. We partner with all the major park home manufacturers so if you have any particular home in mind we can work on this with you.

02: Are the costs to purchase a park home similar to those we would incur if we were buying a traditional property?
There is no stamp duty or solicitor’s fees to pay, and there is no legal requirement to make searches. The price you pay is the price agreed with ourselves for the home fully sited and furnished.

03: What is the legal position when purchasing and owning a park home and what protection and rights do I have?
The Mobile Homes Act 1983 (including Model Standards 2008) gives you security of tenure and resale rights. Both of our residential parks are covered by the Act. Please note that properties on our holiday parks are not available for full residential occupancy and are subject to licence agreements for holiday use only.

04: Are there any rules that home owners have to abide by?
Both of our parks have a set of Park Rules which are intended to make life on the park enjoyable and fair for everyone and to ensure that standards are maintained. They also form part of the agreement that you sign up to when purchasing a home.

05: Do I have to take my home off the park after a certain time?
There is no time limit that can be enforced. All we ask is that all owners keep their homes and gardens in a clean, tidy, safe and secure condition in accordance with the park rules.

06: How much does it cost to live on a park home estate and do I have to pay council tax?
An annual pitch fee is paid monthly to ourselves which goes towards the upkeep and maintenance of the park. Additional charges are the same as you would have living in a traditional property i.e. metered electricity and gas, water and sewerage, home insurance and council tax (normally Band A unless otherwise stated).

07: Can I pass my residential park home to my family or estate?
Yes, the remaining spouse can continue to live in the park home with the full benefit and protection of the Mobile Homes Act 1983, or the executor of your estate can sell the park home.

08: What do I do if I want to sell my park home?
You can sell your home at any time either back to us as the park owners at an agreed price, or privately to a third party. Under the Mobile Home Act 1983 (including Model Standards 2008), the park owner is allowed to charge up to a maximum of 10% of the sale price to the purchaser.

09: Are pets allowed on the park?
Please see the individual park information pages for details.

10: Do the parks have managers on them?
Our park at New Milton (Hoburne Naish) forms part of a large development consisting of both Residential Park Homes, Holiday Homes and associated facilities. The whole park is managed by the team based in the offices in the central facilities building. The park at Swanage is not managed full time, but we have a dedicated member of staff who visits the park on a weekly basis.

What our clients say...

We wanted to move to Swanage to be nearer our family and Grandchildren, after looking at other properties for many months, we were wondering if we would ever find something that met our needs. We were totally amazed when we walked into the front room of the new park home in Swanage - Wow what a view! Even selling our house was made easier by Hoburne suggesting we use A2B assured move. Suddenly the stress was gone and we moved in just a few months later. Our new home is warm, comfortable, and with a view to die for. We are so happy . Thank you Alex and Debbie.

Mr & Mrs H